The Croatian Review of Rehabilitation Research (Hrvatska revija za rehabilitacijska istraživanja, HRRI) is an international journal that publishes original research articles, preliminary reports, reviews, professional papers and other contributions in the fields of education-rehabilitation sciences, speech pathology (logopedics), pedagogy, psychology, linguistics and phonetics, clinical sciences, public health, preventive healthcare, interdisciplinary social sciences and humanities; as well as diverse fields of art related to prevention, screening, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment; and education and other modalities of comprehensive support to individuals with diverse developmental and psychophysical disorders and/or behavioural problems.
HRRI is dedicated primarily to the publication of contemporary scientific and technical insights related to inclusive education and rehabilitation of individuals with learning difficulties, intellectual difficulties and pervasive disorders; education and rehabilitation of individuals with visual or auditory damage, motor disorders or chronic disease; complementary and supportive art therapy; speech pathology topics related to disorders of communication, language, speech, voice and swallowing; and topics from social pedagogy and criminology related to behavioural problems.

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Association between emotional intelligence and stuttering in school-age children in Kosovo

Edona Selmani, Florim Gallopeni, Ana Poposka
DOI: 10.31299/hrri.58.2.4
Pub. Date: December 22, 2022

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What happens when there is a lack of social influence? Perceived anonymity and cyberbullying

Ivana Vrselja, Dora Lacković, Martina Lotar Rihtarić
Expected in December, 2023

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Resilience of families with complex needs whose children manifest behavioural and emotional problems

Anja Mirosavljević, Ivana Maurović, Linda Liebenberg

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Auditory processing abilities in school-aged children in the region of Vojvodina

Marija Veletić, Sanja Ostojić-Zeljković, Mina Nikolić, Sanja Đoković

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Perceived anonymity and cyberbullying: what happens when there is a lack of social influence?

Ivana Vrselja, Dora Lacković, Martina Lotar Rihtarić

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Škola je najveći izazov i potreban je drukčiji pristup: Iskustvo školovanja osnovnoškolskih dječaka s ADHD-om iz perspektive majki

School is the biggest challenge, and a different approach is needed: The experience of schooling elementary school boys with ADHD from their mothers’ perspective

Andreja Bartolac

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“It's not just what we say or do, but how we say and do it”: a review of studies on infant-directed modifications

Ana-Marija Bohaček, Maja Cepanec

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Post-stroke fatigue in young adults after ischemic stroke: a scoping review

Lenka Machálková, Lenka Mazalová, Renáta Zeleníková, Elena Gurková, Daniela Bartoníčková, Daniel Šaňák, Šárka Šaňáková

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Book review: Eleanor Main, Linda Denehy: Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy: adults and paediatrics

Dijana Filipović

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Prikaz knjige: Maja Cepanec: Rani komunikacijski razvoj

Book review: Maja Cepanec: Rani komunikacijski razvoj [Early communication development]

Jasmina Ivšac Pavliša

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