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Impressum  (str. 0-0)

Parenting self-efficacy and time involvement in remote schooling of elementary school children with and without hearing and/or speech disorders (str. 1-18)
Koraljka Bakota, Lucija Punjek, Katarina Pavičić Dokoza, Gordana Keresteš
Original scientific paper

"Each Zoom meeting makes us happy": video conferencing experiences of family members of individuals with severe brain injury undergoing inpatient rehabilitation during the COVID-19 pandemic (str. 19-49)
Ivana Klepo, Andreja Bartolac, Dubravko Tršinski, Klara Dilber, Damirka Levanić, Valentina Blažinčić, Ivan Dubroja, Ivica Ščurić
Original scientific paper

Relationship between educational qualifications and self-perceived self-efficacy of teachers working with students with special educational needs (str. 50-72)
Vanja Marković
Original scientific paper

Using visual art-based interventions for a primary school student with difficulties in perseverance, attention, and concentration (str. 73-86)
Ela Bradeško, Robert Potočnik
Original scientific paper

Various aspects of using bibliotherapy in the field of education and rehabilitation (str. 87-103)
Renata Martinec, Dubravka Šimunović, Vanda Kos Jerković
Review article

Virtual reality as a therapy for stuttering (str. 104-118)
Petra Marušić, Ana Leko Krhen
Review article

Characteristics of vocabulary development in children with autism spectrum disorder (str. 119-144)
Klara Popčević
Review article

Stereotypical behaviour in children with autism spectrum disorder: the efficacy of behavioural interventions (str. 145-171)
Ana Tokić Milaković
Review article

Test review: Ana Poposka and Muljaim Kacka: Articulation Test (str. 172-173)
Valentina Dukovska