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Satisfaction and academic achievements of students attending regular individualised school programmes: the role of goal orientations and achievement emotions (str. 1-29)
Tamara Martinac Dorčić
Original scientific paper

Exploratory study of spoken and sign language comprehension among Deaf and Hard-of-hearing adults in Slovenia (str. 30-44)
Jerneja Novšak Brce, Iza Pomlad, Ingrid Žolgar Jerković, Damjana Kogovšek
Original scientific paper

Characteristics and parental viewpoints regarding digital device use in children aged 4 to 8 years (str. 45-58)
Matea Bodrožić Selak, Marina Kotrla Topić, Marina Merkaš
Original scientific paper

Effects of dance-movement therapy on the movement and self-concept of wheelchair users with intellectual disabilities (str. 59-76)
Katja Bucik, Helena Smrtnik Vitulić, Jana Rapuš Pavel
Original scientific paper

Perceptual and acoustic assessment of a child’s speech before and after laryngeal web surgery (str. 77-90)
Gordana Varošanec Škarić, Iva Bašić, Siniša Stevanović
Original scientific paper

Perspectives of mothers on the quality of life of children with epidermolysis bullosa and their parent (str. 91-102)
Darija Geček, Marko Buljevac
Original scientific paper

Functionality and social support as aspects of quality of life in elderly stroke patients (str. 103-121)
Mirjana Telebuh, Želimir Bertić, Gordana Grozdek Čovčić
Original scientific paper

Reading comprehension processes: a review based on theoretical models and research methodology (str. 122-143)
Antonija Blaži Ostojić
Review article

A wolf in sheep’s clothing: when a stroke is not a stroke, and how comprehensive speech and language therapy assessment and intervention can help to set the alarm (str. 144-151)
Rita Gonçalves, Cristiana Lopes Martins, Arminda Lopes
Professional paper

Book review: Mental health interventions and services for vulnerable children and young people (str. 152-159)
Filipa Ćavar
Book review