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Mental health issues, needs, and challenges faced by children and adolescents during public health emergencies: a study based on the perspective of educators (str. 1-10)
Renata Glavak Tkalić, Marina Kotrla Topić
Original scientific paper

Development of a Pictorial representation measurement tool specifically for blind students in junior high school (str. 11-24)
Siti Mutmainah, Tatag Yuli Eko Siswono, Abadi Abadi
Original scientific paper

Interventions for children with Developmental Language Disorder that target oral pragmatic language: a systematic review and narrative synthesis of the Hows and Whys in single-case design studies (str. 25-52)
Kristine M. Jensen De López, Jelena Kuvač Kraljević, Emilie Bang Struntze
Original scientific paper

“Just because she does not hang from the chandelier and run around the classroom, it does not mean that she does not have ADHD”: Insights from the lived experiences of mothers of girls with ADHD (str. 53-91)
Dorotea Čevizović, Andreja Bartolac
Original scientific paper

Parenting styles and behaviours towards typically developing children and children with developmental disabilities: an overview of contemporary insights (str. 92-118)
Lorena Koštić, Ana Wagner Jakab, Ajana Löw
Review article

Kinesio taping - What have we learned in 50 years?: A review of existing systematic reviews (str. 119-161)
Aleš Pirih, Žiga Kozinc
Review article

Book review: Ulrich Dreisilker: Enthesiopathies II: Radial Shockwave Treatment of Tendinopathies (Level 10) (str. 162-165)
Tjaša Berčič
Book review

Test review: Muljaim Kaçka: THE DYSLEXIA TEST for the Albanian language and alphabet (str. 166-169)
Ana Poposka
Test review