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Inclusion and obstacles in the Swedish social pedagogical context: an analysis of narratives on working with unaccompanied refugee minors with wartime experiences in institutional care (pp. 1-18)
Goran Basic, Yaka Matsuda
Original scientific paper

Assessment of musical rhythm perception and production in people with aphasia (pp. 19-32)
Paola Danjek, Tatjana Prizl Jakovac
Original scientific paper

Development of communication functions in children aged 1.5-4.0 years (pp.33-43)
Nadina Božić, Maja Cepanec
Original scientific paper

Mindful parenting and behavioural problems in preschool children (pp.44-57)
Toni Maglica, Ina Reić Ercegovac, Maja Ljubetić
Original scientific paper

The relation between executive functions and theory of mind in preschool children (pp. 58-72)
Sanja Šimleša
Original scientific paper

Aspects of individual resilience and family life satisfaction among adolescents: perception of adolescents from the city of Zagreb (pp. 73-84)
Matea Belošević, Martina Ferić
Original scientific paper

Living “day-by-day”: Parents' experiences during their child's active cancer treatment (pp. 85-95)
Anita Džombić, Jelena Ogresta
Original scientific paper

Results of voice self-assessment of the mainstream teachers and the teachers of students with special educational needs in elementary schools (pp. 96-106)
Zdravko Kolundžić, Katarina Pavičić Dokoza, Martina Ćužić
Original scientific paper

Excuse me, whose leisure time?! Perceptions of family leisure amongst families with children with developmental disabilities (pp. 120-132)
Ana Blažević Simić, Marija Đurašin
Original scientific paper