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About the journal

The Croatian Review of Rehabilitation Research (Hrvatska revija za rehabilitacijska istraživanja, HRRI) is an international journal that publishes original research articles, preliminary reports, reviews, technical papers and other contributions in the fields of education-rehabilitation sciences, speech pathology (logopedics), pedagogy, psychology, linguistics and phonetics, clinical sciences, public health, preventive healthcare, interdisciplinary social sciences and humanities; as well as diverse fields of art related to prevention, screening, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment; and education and other modalities of comprehensive support to individuals with diverse developmental and psychophysical disorders and/or behavioural problems. HRRI is dedicated primarily to the publication of contemporary scientific and technical insights related to inclusive education and rehabilitation of individuals with learning difficulties, intellectual difficulties and pervasive disorders; education and rehabilitation of individuals with visual or auditory damage, motor disorders or chronic disease; complementary and supportive art therapy; speech pathology topics related to disorders of communication, language, speech, voice and swallowing; and topics from social pedagogy and criminology related to behavioural problems. Manuscripts should be written entirely in British English but can also be written in Croatian, in which case they should be submitted together with a version in British English. HRRI prefers to publish articles based on empirical studies, but is also pleased to consider theoretical studies, reviews, technical reports, scientific and expert commentaries as well as book reviews.

Open access

HRRI is published twice a year exclusively on-line. In accordance with the meaning of open access (Budapest Open Access Initiative), all contents are available to all users for reading, downloading, distribution, printing, searching, and any other legal use. Users are not permitted to use the material for commercial purposes. The journal applies the CC BY NC licence.

Submission and publication fees

HRRI does not charge authors fees for submission, peer review or publication of research articles or other contributions.

Journal funding

HRRI is published by the Faculty by Education and Rehabilitation Sciences of the University of Zagreb, and co-financed by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education.

Peer review

HRRI employs double-blind peer review. Before sending a manuscript for peer review, the Editorial Office performs an initial review of its appropriateness for the journal based on the topics it covers and on whether it has a satisfactory structure.

Ethical principles of publishing

The Croatian Review of Rehabilitation Research (Hrvatska revija za rehabilitacijska istraživanja, HRRI), like all research journals around the world, takes an ethical approach to the conduct of research and the publication of scientific and technical work. Although the need for ethics in science, which is tightly linked to the notion of responsible research behaviour (Lacković and Borovečki, 2008), is self-explanatory, we are often witnesses to the violation of ethical principles.